Birthday Wishes For Friend – Funny

If you have a friend who has been with you for a period, then their birthday is worth a celebration. It is fun and great appreciation to remember your friend has a birthday.

However, some people find it hard to find the right words to send their friends during the celebration of the birthday. If you are one, then you need to read these messages and find the right one for your friend.

Friends are like flowers, when you are sad they offer great fragrance on your moments and you forget your worries. You have been this friend to me. Happy birthday dear friend.

You have always had my back. Today let me have yours by making your day colorful. Let’s celebrate your birthday.

Do you know what date it is? I am sure you cannot forget. Lets party! It is your birthday. i wish you the marvelous things in this coming year. Happy birthday.

You have been my best friend for a while now. However, the change you brought to me is much more than you can fathom. Happy birthday my friend.

We have faced the world together as friends, and you cannot celebrate your birthday alone. Lets party my dearest friend.

I have had a share of how cruel world can be, but with you holding my hand, i have always conquered. As you celebrate your birthday, i wish you the strength to overcome every issue.

There is nothing exceptional in life than having a friend whom you can trust all your life. You have been that friend from the day we met. What else can i wish for you, except the prosperity as you turn a year older?

Hope today you are allowed to spoil your figure. Cake and Chocolates on me! Happy birthday dear friend.

I might lie if i say i have met someone like you in my life because it isn’t true. You are the most special friend i have ever met, and that is why i have to celebrate your birthday with you.

Finding a friend is great but getting a friend who can stick with you always happens once in a lifetime. Let’s celebrate your birthday since you have been a great friend to me.

We have faced issues and cried together. Today is that day in a year when you should be happy. Let us make it colorful, happy birthday dear.

Sometimes you have to forego your worries and have fun. Let’s go out and enjoy your birthday.

Some things happen and open our eyes. You have been with me all along and bailing you on your birthday isn’t happening. Happy birthday.

I know you have wishes you would like to happen. May they come true. When i see a smile on your face, it lights my day. Happy birthday.

A birthday celebration helps to keep your happy memories. Let’s create those memories today. Happy birthday, dear.

Some people ask me if you are my sibling. Some people have never experienced the friendship bond we share. I can say we are lucky. Let us celebrate your birthday.

I know this is an important day for you. Can we have a party tonight? Happy birthday.

Time has passed, and still, you are here with me. You have never changed no matter my mistakes. I love you, happy birthday.

It is a cake day. My friend has a birthday today. Lets party and have fun now.

We try to forget the sad memories by creating happy ones. Today is the day to create amazing memories for you, my dear friend. Happy birthday.

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