GoodNight Messages For Girl Friend

You have to keep the fire burning even when you are not with your girlfriend. She needs to know you love her and the last thing you think before you head to sleep is her. Women love words and men find it hard to find the right words to use.

This article would help you to send goodnight messages to your lovely girlfriend. It would help to maintain your relationship together as you think of something more.

I know it may seem unlikely, but every time I head to sleep, I hold a picture of you, for you to be the last person I see when I sleep. Goodnight my love.

The night is dark, but don’t worry my goodnight message and prayers would keep you safe. Love you and have a lovely night darling.

Sometimes, my nights seem long. Do you know why? I keep on thinking of the day we will share the same bed together. Sleep tight my lovely lady.

Today i want to be selfish. I have been dreaming with you for so long dear; please, can you dream of me today? Love you dear and sweet dreams.

When i sleep, i never wake at night, but today i had. I had not sent a goodnight message to my lovely girlfriend. Have a peaceful night dear.

People say I am lucky but what i know is, am blessed to have you by my side. You have been my great inspiration. I love you, have sweet dreams.

You are an amazing lady; you prosper even under pressure. It is like a flower which blossoms early in the morning after a cool night expecting great light to show its prettiness. You never give up. Have a great sleep to face tomorrow with renewed strength dear.

We have faced up and down together. I have made some mistakes, but your eyes are always giving me hope and showing the love i have never experienced. May your dreams be sweet tonight.

Sometimes i replay the latest hug you gave me for me to sleep. It keeps me come knowing you are the best thing in my life. I love you darling. Sweet dreams.

Can i be naughty today? I miss you so much i need your photo in bed to facilitate my sleep dear. Sweet dreams. I am waiting for that picture, please don’t forget.

I dream of the day you will be my wife, instead of sending these messages i would be whispering the words on your ears as i hold you tight. I miss you darling. Goodnight.

The distance between us is too much for me. I wish we can get married already. I long for our wedding day because it will be the day i know you will always warm my bed. A team to conquer the world together. Goodnight, my queen.

Am Missing that smile which keeps me glued to watching you like a zombie. It gives me peace and happiness to know you are happy dear. Before you fall asleep just smile for me love. Lovely night.

My heart aches for you darling. i know this feeling, and it has been with me since the day i met you. I love to feel this way. I hope you are feeling the same beautiful. Have a peaceful night sweetheart.

My words can never be enough to show how much i love you. But i believe this goodnight message would really show am thinking about you at this moment. You are always on my mind. Enjoy your sleep my love.

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