Did you feel elated once you’ve read how I greeted you from the above. Did you suddenly feel happy and like having a good mood for the rest of your day? Well, my dear that are the effects of greetings. It feels good to be greeted even by strangers, those we passed by or just came across. Just a simple ‘Hi’ or a smile can make a difference.

Giving greetings are really importance to human beings, especially socially. Greetings already existed even way back from our primate ancestors. Even though they can’t speak our language of today, they still till have their own way of greeting each other. It could be a first bump of such. Nations all across the world have their own way of greetings as well.

Greetings are important in making a good first impression, setting a good mood to any conversation, and developing better relationships with your beloved. Greetings are able to help an individual in building and maintaining a good social image as well as career life. A person can make a big impact on others even to someone they don’t know if they know how to deliver proper greetings and the right impression. Remember, it is not only important that you greet, but it is also very important to deliver it sincerely. People will notice it immediately if your greetings are not sincere.

No matter what your greetings ae for, either for a holiday, business or meeting a person for the first time, a simple greeting like a delighted hello can make a good foundation for the rest of your interaction. Relationships are also strengthened with greetings. Most of all, it is a great feeling on your part to be greeted even with a ‘Good Morning’ in the same warm manner you have greeted others. It makes someone feel important and fulfilled.

Birthdays and other celebrations such as weddings also need a proper greeting in an appropriate tone. You wouldn’t want to say get well soon to your friend on her wedding, will you? Get well soon is most suited to be used when one is sick. Best wishes and congratulations are the appropriate greetings for events like weddings. You want to wish her a good married life ahead and sincerely congratulate her for finding the one she will spend the rest of her life with.

You wouldn’t even dare say farewell to your colleagues on the day they were born. Why would you say farewell like you’re sending them to some where else? A happy birthday is the most suitable one on birthday born, and wish that they will live for a long time. It’s not the time to say farewell. Even when going home once the celebration was over, a simple goodbye is enough. Saying farewell is too deep to be used casually. Always remember to greet any person you come across to. It will not only be important to them but to you as well. Say good morning and  I Love you to your husband or wife when you wake up to another day with them by your side. Greet your children and relatives happy birthday when their birthday comes. Even saying a simple Hello to somebody or to your colleagues at work is enough to start a good day.

You can not ignore the importance of greetings. Their value matters very much. Remember that it is best to And with that, good bye and thank you.

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